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In addition to participating in the computer architecture community through research, publications and freely available tools that are created within the lab, the members of IDEAL understand that it is only through active collaboration and personal contact that the best ideas can be generated. To this end, the IDEAL group is proud to have hosted several workshops which have allowed the best and the brightest in our field to come together to discuss the latest research in computer architecture.

Current Workshops:

WIVOSCA 2015 - Held in conjunction with ISCA-42

Previous Workshops:

WIOSCA 2013 - Held in conjunction with ISCA-40
WIOSCA 2010 - Held in conjunction with ISCA-37
WIOSCA 2009 - Held in conjunction with ISCA-36
WIOSCA 2008 - Held in conjunction with ISCA-35
WIOSCA 2007 - Held in conjunction with ISCA-34
WIOSCA 2006 - Held in conjunction with ISCA-33
IOSCA 2005 - Held in conjunction with IISWC-2005



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